Buchanan Web Services

I am a Maui based web designer that makes personalized, custom websites to keep your customers engaged.

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Unique Design Features

Most web designers and developers use generic templates to mass produce websites and loss the personalized touch that makes a website unique and encourages branding.

personalized Designs

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Creating a custom website allows businesses to have full control over their design. This personalized touch makes it easier to promote your brand and get customers. Custom websites also gives you the control to direct your users online experience by adding tweaks based off of analytic reports.

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Custom Images

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We have multiple photographers and editors to take high resolution images to promote your product, brand, or business. Tailored high resolution images are key to grabbing your customer's attention and making sales

Engaging Designs

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My web designs are crafted to promote the owner and keep the users as engaged as possible. Animations and well placed elements will keep your users on your site longer which translates to higher ad revenue, more exposure, and a happy user.

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Professional Online Services

We are a one stop shop for fulfilling all of your online needs. Everything from day one of creating your website to long term hosting, analytics, and management.

Brush icon Web Design

Front end web design that utilizes the latest UI trends. Every design is unique and is tailored to your exact needs.

  • Responsive Design
  • Quality Images
  • Actionable Information
  • Reassures Customers
  • Boosts Engagement

Brush icon Web Development

Back end development to give your website the power to accomplish any task that your business needs.

  • Display Dynamic Info
  • Connect Plugins
  • Secure Ecommerce
  • Database Creation
  • Process Automation

Brush icon Hosting

One stop shop hosting for all of your webservice needs. Reliable up time, secure, and 24/7 support.

  • Domain Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • 24/7 Support

Brush icon Management

Online needs do not stop at the design. With our hosting, we will always be here to maintenance and upgrades.

  • Design Updates
  • Content Updates
  • Technical Fixes
  • Q&A
  • Security Fixes